Persian Place Names

Persian names are used in the country of Iran, in southwestern Asia, which is part of the Muslim world. See also about Iranian names.
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AFGHANESTAN افغانستان (Country) Persian
Persian form of AFGHANISTAN.
AMRIKA آمریکا (Region & Country) Arabic, Persian
Arabic and Persian form of AMERICA, used to refer to the continents and the United States of America.
ASHUR آشور (Settlement & Region) English, Arabic, Persian, Akkadian
From Akkadian 𒀸𒋩 (Assur), meaning unknown. This was the capital city of the Assyrian Empire, supposedly named for the god Ashur, though the god was in fact probably named for the city. The empire, Assyria, was also named for it. The city was destroyed in the 14th century by the forces of Tamerlane.... [more]
CHIN چین (Country) Indian, Hindi, Persian
Hindi and Persian form of CHINA.
DAMESHQ دمشق (Settlement) Persian
Persian form of DAMASCUS.
ERAGH عراق (Country) Persian
Persian form of IRAQ.
GORJ گرج (Country) Persian (Archaic)
Archaic Persian name of GEORGIA (1), possibly from Middle Persian gurg meaning "wolf".
GORJESTAN گرجستان (Country) Persian
From Persian گرج (Gorj) meaning "Georgia (the country)" combined with the suffix ستان (stan) meaning "land of". This is the modern Persian name for the country of Georgia.
HEND هند (Country) Persian
Persian form of INDIA.
HENDUSTAN هندوستان (Country) Persian
Extended form of هند (Hend), the Persian form of INDIA, using the suffix ستان (stan) meaning "land of".
IRAN ایران (Country) Persian, Arabic, English, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Slovene, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Greek, Indonesian, Malay, Japanese, Korean
Derived from Middle Persian Eran, related to Old Iranian Arya meaning "Iranian, Aryan". This is the name of a country in western Asia, formerly called Persia in the West.
KORDESTAN کردستان (Region) Persian
Persian form of KURDISTAN.
MESR مصر (Country) Persian
Persian form of MISR.
OZBAKESTAN ازبکستان (Country) Persian
Persian form of O'zbekiston (see UZBEKISTAN).
PAKESTAN پاکستان (Country) Persian
Persian form of PAKISTAN.
RUSIYEH روسیه (Country) Persian
Persian form of RUSSIA.
SHIRAZ شیراز (Settlement) Persian
Meaning unknown. The name is recorded in Elamite as Tiraziš. This is the name of a city in southern Iran.
TEHRAN تهران (Settlement) Persian, English
From Persian تهران (Tehran), meaning unknown. This is the name of the capital city of Iran.
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