Type Political Subdivision, Settlement & Island
Pronounced Pron. /hɔŋ.ˈkɔŋ/(American English) /hɒŋ.ˈkɒŋ/(British English) /ɔŋ.kɔŋ/(French) /ɔ̃ɡ.kɔ̃ɡ/(French) /xon.ˈkon/(Spanish)  [key·simplify]

Meaning & History

From Cantonese 香港 (Hoenggong), a compound of (hoeng) meaning "fragrant" and (gong) meaning "port, harbour". This is the name of a city, island and special administrative region of southeastern China.

Related Names

Rootshoeng + gong
Other Languages & CulturesHungh Kungh(Arabic) Xianggang(Chinese) Hoeng Gong(Chinese (Cantonese)) Hongkong(Czech) Hongkong(Danish) Hongkong(Dutch) Hongkong(Estonian) Hongkong(Finnish) Hongkong(German) Hongkong(Hungarian) Honkon(Japanese) Gonkong(Kazakh) Hongkong(Khmer) Hongkong, Hyanghang(Korean) Gonkong(Kyrgyz) Hongkong(Macedonian) Hongkong(Norwegian) Hongkong(Polish) Gonkong(Russian) Hongkong(Slovak) Hongkong(Slovene) Hongkong(Swedish) Gonkong(Turkmen) Honkonh(Ukrainian)
Same SpellingHongkong
User SubmissionHồng Kông
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