Type Settlement
Usage English

Meaning & History

From Ancient Greek Ἀθήναι (Athenai), meaning unknown, probably from a pre-Greek language. The Greek goddess Athena was probably named for the city, not vice versa. Athens is a city in eastern Greece, emerging as a powerful city-state in the classical period. It has been the capital of the modern country of Greece since 1834.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesAthene(Afrikaans) Athenai, Attike(Ancient Greek) Athenae, Attica(Ancient Roman) Athina(Arabic) Atina(Bulgarian) Atena, Atina(Croatian) Athen(Danish) Athene(Dutch) Athènes(French) Athen(German) Athina, Attiki(Greek) Athén(Hungarian) Athena(Indonesian) Atene(Italian) Atene(Japanese) Atēnas(Latvian) Atėnai(Lithuanian) Atina(Macedonian) Athen(Norwegian) Aten(Persian) Atenas(Portuguese) Atena(Romanian) Atina(Serbian) Atene(Slovene) Atenas(Spanish) Aten(Swedish) Atina(Turkish)


Entry updated May 29, 2020