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Meaning & History

From Greek Ἀττική (Attike), derived from the name of the city of Ἀθήναι (see Athens). This is the name of the peninsula where Athens is located.

Related Names

VariantAthenae(Ancient Roman)
Other Languages & CulturesAthene(Afrikaans) Athenai, Attike(Ancient Greek) Athina(Arabic) Atina(Bulgarian) Atena, Atina(Croatian) Athen(Danish) Athene(Dutch) Athènes(French) Athen(German) Athina, Attiki(Greek) Athén(Hungarian) Athena(Indonesian) Atene(Italian) Atene(Japanese) Atēnas(Latvian) Atėnai(Lithuanian) Atina(Macedonian) Athen(Norwegian) Aten(Persian) Atenas(Portuguese) Atena(Romanian) Atina(Serbian) Atene(Slovene) Atenas(Spanish) Aten(Swedish) Atina(Turkish)
Entry updated May 29, 2020