Type Country
Scripts ბრუნეი(Georgian) ब्रुनेई(Hindi)
Pronounced Pron. BROO-nie(Malay) broo-NIE(English) BRUY-NAY(French) BROO-nay(Catalan, Finnish, Hungarian) broo-NEH-ee(Polish) broo-NAY(Romanian) bruw-NEH-ee(Hindi)  [key·IPA]
Note In Turkish this name is written with a dotted İ. It appears as BRUNEİ in uppercase and brunei in lowercase.

Meaning & History

Possibly from Sanskrit वरुण, the Hindu god Varuna or figuratively meaning "water, ocean". However, according to tradition, Brunei was from the Malay phrase baru nah meaning "there!" or "that's it!", which was supposedly declared by Brunei's first sultan Muhammad Shah when he discovered it in the 14th century.

This is the name of a country in southeastern Asia, situated on the island of Borneo (which is related).

Related Names

VariantsBorneo(Malay) Borneo(English) Borneo(German) Borneo(Dutch) Bornéo, Brunéi(French) Borneo(Italian) Borneo, Bornéu(Portuguese)
Other Languages & CulturesBrunai, Brunay(Arabic) Bruney(Armenian) Bruney(Azerbaijani) Brunai(Bengali) Brunej(Bosnian) Bruney(Bulgarian) Brunej(Croatian) Brunej(Czech) Brounei(Greek) Brunéi(Javanese) Bruney(Kazakh) Bruney(Kyrgyz) Bruneja(Latvian) Brunėjus(Lithuanian) Brunej(Macedonian) Borunei(Persian) Bruney(Russian) Brunej(Serbian) Brunej(Slovak) Brunej(Slovene) Borneo, Brunéi(Spanish) Brunéi(Sundanese) Bruney(Tajik) Brunai(Thai) Bruney(Ukrainian)
Same SpellingBrunéi
User SubmissionsBrúnei, Bruneï
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