Type Country & Region
Scripts ⵍⵉⴱⵢⴰ(Tifinagh)
Pronounced Pron. /ˈlɪ.bi.ə/(English) /li.ˈbja/(Turkish)  [key·simplify]
Note In Turkish this name is written with a dotted İ. It appears as LİBYA in uppercase and libya in lowercase.

Meaning & History

From Λιβύη (Libye), the Ancient Greek name for North Africa. It was derived from the Berber tribe of the Libu, attested as rbw in Ancient Egyptian. This name was revived in 1934 when the Italian colonies of Tripolitania and Cyrenaica were merged, carrying forward when the country gained independence in 1951. It is called ليبيا (Libiya) in Arabic.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesLibië(Afrikaans) Libia(Albanian) Libye(Ancient Greek) Libiya(Arabic) Libia(Armenian) Liviya(Azerbaijani) Libiya(Bengali) Libija(Bosnian) Libiya(Bulgarian) Líbia(Catalan) Libiya(Chinese) Libija(Croatian) Libye(Czech) Libyen(Danish) Libië(Dutch) Libye(French) Libia(Georgian) Libyen(German) Livyi(Greek) Libiya(Hindi) Líbia(Hungarian) Líbía(Icelandic) Libia(Italian) Ribia(Japanese) Liviya(Kazakh) Ribia(Korean) Liviya(Kyrgyz) Lībija(Latvian) Libija(Lithuanian) Libija(Macedonian) Libiya(Nepali) Libia(Polish) Líbia(Portuguese) Liviya(Russian) Libija(Serbian) Libija(Slovene) Libia(Spanish) Libyen(Swedish) Libiya(Tajik) Libia(Thai) Liviya(Ukrainian) Libiya(Urdu) Liviya(Uzbek)
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