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Type Country
Pronounced Pron. BEHL-jəm(English)

Meaning & History

From Latin BELGICA, a province in the Roman Empire. Since 1830 this is the name of a country in western Europe. Dutch and French are the main spoken languages.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesBelgica(Ancient Roman) Belgija(Bosnian) Belgiya(Bulgarian) Belgija(Croatian) Belgie(Czech) Belgien(Danish) België(Dutch) Belgia(Finnish) Belgique(French) Belgia(Georgian) Belgien(German) Belgia(Indonesian) Belgio(Italian) Beļģija(Latvian) Belgija(Lithuanian) Belgija(Macedonian) Belgia(Norwegian) Belgia(Polish) Belgia(Romanian) Belgiya(Russian) Belgija(Serbian) Belgicko(Slovak) Belgija(Slovene) Bélgica(Spanish) Belgien(Swedish)
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