Type Region & Political Subdivision

Meaning & History

Derived from the Belgae, a Celtic-Germanic confederation of tribes that inhabited northern Gaul (modern Belgium). Their name is probably derived from a Celtic root meaning "to swell with anger".

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesBelgija(Bosnian) Belgiya(Bulgarian) Belgija(Croatian) Belgie(Czech) Belgien(Danish) België(Dutch) Belgium(English) Belgia(Finnish) Belgique(French) Belgia(Georgian) Belgien(German) Belgium(Hungarian) Belgia(Indonesian) Belgio(Italian) Belgiya(Kazakh) Belgiya(Kyrgyz) Beļģija(Latvian) Belgija(Lithuanian) Belgija(Macedonian) Belgium(Malay) Belgia(Norwegian) Belgia(Polish) Belgia(Romanian) Belgiya(Russian) Belgija(Serbian) Belgicko(Slovak) Belgija(Slovene) Bélgica(Spanish) Belgien(Swedish) Belgiya(Tajik) Belgiya(Uzbek)
Same SpellingBélgica
User SubmissionBèlgica
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