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Type Settlement
Usage Sioux
Pronounced Pron. ə-RAP-ə-ho  [key]
Other Forms Formsarúpahu, arappaho, Arrapahó, aðábahu, aropwahì, Arapahoe

Meaning & History

Arapaho is probably from Hidatsa arúpahu, or a cognate word in another Siouan language. Apparently borrowed from a widespread Siouan designation for one or more Arapaho bands, compare, in Siouan languages: Crow arappaho, Hidatsa arúpahu, Mandan "Arrapahó", Omaha-Ponca aðábahu, and Kansa aropwahì.
Used widely among traders, Arapaho and Arapahoe place names occur in: Colorado, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Wyoming, USA.
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