This is also used in Hebrew: ארגנטינה [noted -ed]
This name is also used in Indonesian and Malay.- Indonesian: (in Indonesian)
- Malay: (in Malay) [noted -ed]
The name Argentina is also used in the following countries:• Azerbaijan: (in Azerbaijani)
• Bosnia and Herzegovina: (in Bosnian)
• Estonia: (in Estonian; the variant Argentiina is also used)
• Lithuania: (in Lithuanian)
• North Macedonia: (in Macedonian; their spelling is Аргентина)
• Romania: (in Romanian)
• Slovenia: (in Slovene) [noted -ed]
Argentina is also the Georgian name for this South American country. It is written as არგენტინა in Georgian. [noted -ed]- (in English)
- (in English)
- (in Georgian)
Also Croatian form. [noted -ed]

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