Type Country
Usage German

Meaning & History

Derived from German Franken, the name of the Germanic tribe of Franks, and Reich meaning "empire, realm". This is the German name for France.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesFrankryk(Afrikaans) Faransa(Arabic) Frantsiya(Bulgarian) França(Catalan) Francuska(Croatian) Francie(Czech) Franken, Frankrig(Danish) Franken, Frankrijk(Dutch) France, Franconia(English) Ranska(Finnish) France(French) Francia, Franconia(Italian) Furansu(Japanese) Francia, Franconia(Late Roman) Franken, Frankrike(Norwegian) Francja(Polish) França(Portuguese) Franța(Romanian) Frantsiya(Russian) Francuska(Serbian) Francia, Franconia(Spanish) Franken, Frankrike(Swedish) Frantsiya(Ukrainian)
Entry updated December 7, 2022