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Type River
Pronounced Pron. IN-dəs(English)

Meaning & History

From Old Persian Hindus, which was from Sanskrit सिन्धु (Sindhu) meaning "body of trembling water, river". This is the name of a river in Pakistan and India.

Related Names

VariantIndia(Ancient Roman)
Other Languages & CulturesIndia(Albanian) India, Indos(Ancient Greek) Hind(Arabic) Indija(Bosnian) Indiya(Bulgarian) Yindu(Chinese) Indija(Croatian) Indie(Czech) Indien(Danish) India(Dutch) India(Estonian) Intia(Finnish) Inde(French) Indien(German) India(Greek) India(Hungarian) India(Indonesian) India(Italian) Indo(Japanese) Indo(Korean) Indiya(Kyrgyz) Indija(Latvian) Indija(Lithuanian) Indija(Macedonian) India(Malay) Intya(Malayalam) India(Norwegian) Hend(Persian) Indie(Polish) Índia(Portuguese) India(Romanian) Indiya(Russian) Sindhu(Sanskrit) Indija(Serbian) India(Slovak) Indija(Slovene) India(Spanish) Indien(Swedish) Intiya(Tamil) Indiya(Telugu) India(Thai) Indiya(Ukrainian)
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