Korea is also Filipino, Cebuano, Hebrew, Urdu, Chichewa, Basque, and Armenian. Scripts: קוריאה (Hebrew), کوریا (Urdu), Կորեա (Armenian) [noted -ed]
This is also the Indonesian and Malay name for these countries.- (in Indonesian -- the region)
- (in Indonesian -- North Korea)
- (in Indonesian -- South Korea)
- (in Malay -- the region)
- (in Malay -- North Korea)
- (in Malay -- South Korea) [noted -ed]
The name Korea is also used in the following countries:• Denmark: (in Danish)
• Estonia: (in Estonian)
• Georgia: (in Georgian; their spelling is კორეა)
• Greece: (in Greek; their spelling is Κορέα)
• Hungary: (in Hungarian)
• Norway: (in Norwegian)
• Poland: (in Polish)
• South Africa: (in Afrikaans)
• Sweden: (in Swedish) [noted -ed]

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