Type Settlement
Usage English
Pronounced Pron. /ˈmɑs.kaʊ/, /ˈmɑs.koʊ/  [key·simplify]

Meaning & History

From the name of the Moskva River, in Russian Москва (Moskva), from Old East Slavic Москꙑ (Mosky). It is of uncertain origin, but it may be from a Slavic root meaning "damp, wet". This is the name of the capital city of Russia.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesMoskva(Azerbaijani) Maskva(Belarusian) Moskva(Bulgarian) Moscou(Catalan) Moskva(Croatian) Moskva(Czech) Moskova(Finnish) Moscou, Moskova(French) Moskovi(Georgian) Moskau, Moskwa(German) Mosca, Moscova(Italian) Moskva(Macedonian) Moskwa(Polish) Moscou(Portuguese (Brazilian)) Moscovo(Portuguese (European)) Moskva(Russian) Moskva(Serbian) Moskva(Slovak) Moscova, Moscú(Spanish) Moskova(Turkish) Moskva(Ukrainian)
Entry added April 23, 2024