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Meaning & History

From Akkadian 𒉌𒉡𒀀 (Ninua), possibly related to 𒄩 (nūnu) meaning "fish". When written, the name is usually prefixed with 𒌷 indicating a city. This may have referred to an aspect of Ishtar, as from an early time the city was a center of worship of the goddess. The cuneiform symbols used to represent the city's name depict a fish within a house.

Nineveh was an ancient city in northern Mesopotamia (near the modern Iraqi city of Mosul). It was the capital of the Neo-Assyrian Empire, but was destroyed in 612 BC.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesNinua(Akkadian) Nineue(Ancient Greek) Ninawa(Arabic) Nineue(Biblical Greek) Nineweh(Biblical Hebrew) Nineve(Biblical Latin) Ninive(French) Ninive(German) Ninive(Italian) Nínive(Portuguese) Nínive(Spanish)

Entry updated May 29, 2020