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Type Island
Usage English
Pronounced Pron. (/sə.ˈkoʊ.trə/, /soʊ. ˈkoʊ.trə/, /ˈsɒ.kə.trə/  [key]
Other Forms FormsSoqotra

Meaning & History

Scholars don't agree about the origin of the name of the island. After that the name Socotra may derive from:

A Greek name that is derived from the name of a South Arabian tribe mentioned in Sabaic and Ḥaḑramitic inscriptions as Dhū-Śakūrid.

The Sanskrit Dvīpa Sukhadara which means "island of bliss".

The Arabian terms Suq, "market", and qutra, a vulgar form of qatir, which refers to "dragon's blood".
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