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Type Country
Usage Thai
Scripts ไทย(Thai)

Meaning & History

Possibly from a Thai root meaning "person". This is the Thai word for Thailand, usually written in the compounds เมืองไทย (Meueng Thaiy) meaning "region of Thailand", ประเทศไทย (Prathet Thaiy) meaning "nation of Thailand" or ราชอาณาจักรไทย (Rachanachakn Thaiy) meaning "kingdom of Thailand".

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesTajland(Bosnian) Tajland(Croatian) Thailand(Danish) Thailand(Dutch) Thailand(English) Thaïlande(French) Thailand(German) Thailandia, Tailandia(Italian) Tajland(Macedonian) Thailand(Norwegian) Tajlandia(Polish) Tailand(Russian) Tajland(Serbian) Tailandia(Spanish) Thailand(Swedish)
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