Place Names with Relationship "anglicized"

This is a list of place names in which the relationship is anglicized.
Asgard (Region) Norse Mythology
English form of Old Norse Ásgarðr meaning "enclosure of the Æsir", composed of Old Norse áss meaning "god, Æsir" and garðr meaning "enclosure, stronghold". This is the name of the home of the Æsir gods in Norse Mythology.
Banff (Settlement) Scottish, English
Possibly from Gaelic banbh meaning "young pig". This is the name of a town in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. It is also the name of a town and national park in Alberta, Canada.
Douglas (River & Settlement) Scottish
From Gaelic dubh "dark" and glais "water, river" (an archaic word related to glas "grey, green"). This is the name of a tributary of the River Clyde called the Douglas Water, as well as a town that sits upon it in Lanarkshire.
Kerry (Political Subdivision) Irish
From Irish Gaelic Ciarraí meaning "Ciar's people". This is the name of an Irish county.
Merioneth (Political Subdivision) Welsh
Anglicized form of Meirionnydd.
Shannon (River) Irish
From Irish Sionainn, probably from Old Irish sen meaning "old, ancient". This is the name of a river in Ireland. It is personified by the mythological figure Sionann.
Skye (Island) Scottish
Anglicized form of Scottish Gaelic Sgitheanach, meaning unknown. This is the name of an island off the west coast of Scotland.