Welsh Place Names

Welsh names are used in the country of Wales in Britain. See also about Welsh names.
Aeron (River) Welsh
River in Wales, possibly derived from the hypothetical Celtic goddess Agrona.
Caerfyrddin (Settlement) Welsh
From Welsh caer "fort" and Moridunum. This is the name of a town in southern Wales.
Cymru (Country) Welsh
From the Celtic roots *kom "with, together" and *mrogis "territory, region". This is the Welsh name for Wales.
Dyfrdwy (River) Welsh
Compound of Old Welsh dwfr "water" and duiu "god". This is the Welsh name of the River Dee.
Maldwyn (Political Subdivision) Welsh
From Welsh Trefaldwyn, misinterpreting it as if meaning "town of Maldwyn". In fact it means "town of Baldwin" (in Welsh both m and b mutate to f). This is another name of the old county of Montgomeryshire.
Manaw (Island) Welsh
Welsh form of Man.
Meirionnydd (Political Subdivision) Welsh
Probably from the Roman name Marianus. This is the name of a Welsh county (Anglicized as Merioneth).
Merioneth (Political Subdivision) Welsh
Anglicized form of Meirionnydd.
Trefaldwyn (Settlement) Welsh
Means "town of Baldwin" in Welsh. This is another name for the town of Montgomery in Wales.
Trefor (Settlement) Welsh
Means "big village" from Middle Welsh tref "village" and maur "large". This is the name of a few towns in Wales.