Place Names Categorized "Interpol songwriting"

This is a list of place names in which the categories include Interpol songwriting.
Norway (Country) English
From Old English Norþweg meaning "north way". This is the name of a country in Scandinavia in Northern Europe.
Orleans (Settlement) English
English form of Orléans. This is the name of several towns in the Americas, notably the city of New Orleans in Louisiana.
Poland (Country) English
From the name of the Slavic tribe of the Poles, derived from the medieval Slavic word polje meaning "field", combined with land. This is the name of a country in Eastern Europe.
Tennessee (Political Subdivision & River) English
From Cherokee ᏔᎾᏏ (Tanasi), the name of a now-abandoned village, of unknown meaning. It has given its name to an American state and a river.
York (Settlement & Political Subdivision) English
From Jórvík, the Norse form of Old English Eoforwic, which was from the Brythonic name Eburacon meaning "yew". The Old English form Eoforwic was altered based on eofor "boar" and wic "village".... [more]