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Name Baku
Type Settlement
Scripts Баку(Russian) باکو(Persian)
Pronounced Pron. /bɑː.ˈkuː/(English) /bə.ˈkuː/(English) /ˈbɑː.kuː/(English) /ˈbæ.kuː/(English) /bɐ.ˈku/(Russian)
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Meaning & History

From Azerbaijani Bakı from Persian باکو (baku), which is of uncertain meaning. One popular etymology suggests that it means "wind-pounded city" from Persian باد (bad) meaning "wind" and کوبیدن (kubidan) meaning "to pound, to beat", given in reference to the area's frequent storms and high winds. Alternatively, it may mean "city of god" from Persian بغ‎ (bagh) meaning "god, deity". This is the name of the capital city of Azerbaijan.
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