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Name Altai
Type Political Subdivision & Mountain
Scripts Алтай(Altai, Russian, Mongolian Cyrillic, Kazakh) التاي(Kazakh Arabic)
Pronounced Pron. /al.ˈtaj/(Altai) /ɐɫ.ˈtaj/(Russian) /ɑɫ.ˈtɑj/(Kazakh) /ˈæl.taɪ/(English) /ɑːl.ˈtaɪ/(English)
Other Forms FormsAltay
Theme gold
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Meaning & History

From the Turkic roots altun meaning "gold" and tag meaning "mountain". This is the name of a mountain range in Central and East Asia as well as two territories of Russia.
Added 6/18/2016 by HL