Cornish Submitted Place Names

Cornish names were used in southwest England in the region around Cornwall.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Aljeri (Country) Korean, Cornish
Korean and Cornish form of Algeria.
Brusselas (Settlement) Cornish
Cornish form of Brussels.
Cornwall (Political Subdivision & Region) Cornish
A place next to Devon at the bottom of southwestern England. Named due to the old tribal name "Cornwealas" which eventually turned into "Cornwall". Name thought to come from the a Celtic word for "horn" or "headland" and old English "Wealas" which means strangers... [more]
Demelza (Settlement) Cornish
Name of a hamlet in Cornwall, sometimes explained as a contraction of Cornish Dinas Maeldaf "fort of Maeldaf", but more likely derived from Cornish ty "house" and malsai "eel".
Dulyn (Settlement) Cornish, Welsh
Cornish and Welsh form of Dublin.
Eynda (Country) Cornish
Cornish form of India.
Gyni (Country) Cornish
Cornish form of Guinea
Iwerdhon (Country) Cornish
Cornish form of Ireland
Kenwyn (Settlement) Cornish
This is the name of a town and river, located in the south-western English county of Cornwall, which is called Keynwynn in Cornish. It is said that the name is derived from Cornish keyn meaning "back, keel, ridge" and gwynn meaning "white, fair, blessed."
Morvah (Settlement) Cornish
From Cornish Morvedh, derived from mor "sea" and bedh "grave". This is the name of a small Cornish village.
Ostralasi (Region) Cornish
Cornish form of Australasia.
Ostrali (Country & Region) Balinese, Javanese, Cornish
Balinese, Javanese and Cornish form of Australia.
Plym (River) Cornish
"Plum Tree"
Portyngal (Country) Cornish
Cornish form of Portugal
Pydar (Other) Cornish
Spayn (Country) Cornish
Cornish form of Spain
Tintagel (Settlement) English, Cornish
Trewellard (Settlement) Cornish
Trewellard is a small village on the north coast road between St Just and St Ives in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom.
Truro (Settlement) Cornish
Truro, Cornwall