Finland Swedish Submitted Place Names

These names are a subset of Swedish names used more often in Finland by speakers of Finland Swedish.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Åbo (Settlement) Finland Swedish
Possibly from Swedish å "river" and bo "home, dwelling" or "dweller, inhabitant". Other meanings are possible, like it being derived from the given name Aabo... [more]
Åland (Island) Finland Swedish
Either derived from Old Norse *Ahvaland meaning "land of water" (from ahva "water"), or from Finnish Ahvenanmaa "perch land" (from ahven "perch"). Åland is an autonomous archipelago province in the Baltic Sea... [more]
Björneborg (Settlement) Finland Swedish
Combination of Swedish björn "bear" and borg "castle, fortress". This is the Swedish name for Pori (whose name is a Finnicized form of -borg).
Esbo (Settlement) Finland Swedish
Swedish name for Espoo.
Helsingfors (Settlement) Finland Swedish, Swedish
From Swedish helsing, composed of hals "neck, narrow strait" and -inge denoting an inhabitant, combined with fors "rapid, waterfall". Helsing was either taken from the name of the Swedish province Hälsingland (where many early settlers originated from), or directly from the Swedish word (referring to a narrow part of the Vantaa River)... [more]
Lahtis (Settlement) Finland Swedish
Swedish form of Lahti.
Lovisa (Settlement) Finland Swedish
Swedish form of Loviisa.
Tammerfors (Settlement) Finland Swedish
Combination of an unknown first element and Swedish fors "rapid, waterfall". This is the Swedish name of Tampere.
Uleåborg (Settlement) Finland Swedish
Combination of Ule, the name of a river whose name derives from the Finnish dialectal word oulu "floodwater", Swedish å "river, stream", and borg "castle, fortification"... [more]
Vanda (Settlement) Finland Swedish
Swedish form of Vantaa.