Late Greek Submitted Place Names

Late Greek names were used in the early Christian Byzantine Empire. They formed after Ancient Greek names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Byzantium (Settlement) Late Greek (Latinized)
Byzantium was an ancient Greek colony on the site that later became Constantinople, the capital city of the Roman/Byzantine Empire since 330 AC. From 1204 to 1261 was conquered and ruled by crusaders but Michael VIII Palaeologus reintroduced there a Byzantine dynasty... [more]
Loulon Λοῦλον (Settlement) Late Greek
Medieval name of a Byzantine fortress in Turkey‎ (near the modern village of Hasangazi), known as لولوة‎ (Lu'lu'a) in Arabic. The Scottish scholar W. M. Ramsay and other writers assumed that the name derived from Halala, the earlier name of the nearby town of Faustinopolis, but recent scholarship attributes its origin to Lolas, the Hittite name for the local mountain range.... [more]
Rinokyr (Settlement) Late Roman, Late Greek
A city in Roman Egypt. Saint Polybius of Cyprus became the bishop of Rinokyr in the 5th century.