Scots Submitted Place Names

Scots names are used by speakers of the Scots language.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
AE (Settlement & River) Scottish, Scots
The name of a village and a stream in Southwest Scotland. The name seems to be derived from Old Norse á, meaning 'river'.
CRETE (Island) English, Cebuano, Scots, Tsonga
From Ancient Greek Κρήτη (Krḗtē) which is of uncertain meaning. One theory is that it's derived from the name of a mythological hero, Κρυς (Krus), whose name is unexplained. Another theory is that it's derived from Luwian kursawar “island” or kursattar “cutting, sliver”... [more]
EUROPE (Region) Ancient Greek, English, French, Scots
From EUROPA, the name of a Phoenician princess, whose name is derived from a Latinization of Greek Εὐρώπη (Europe) meaning "wide face"... [more]
GRAN CANARIA (Island) Spanish, English, Esperanto, Dutch, Welsh, Breton, Asturian, Aragonese, German, Estonian, Faroese, Galician, Croatian, Italian, Hungarian, Norwegian, Serbo-Croatian, Finnish, Swedish, Turkish, Icelandic, Czech, Polish, Romanian, Scots, Slovene
From Spanish gran "grande, great" and Canaria referring to the CANARY ISLANDS. Gran Canaria is the third largest and second most populous island of the Canary Islands.
GREENLAND (Country) English, Scots
Cognate of GRŒNLAND.
MEDITERRANEAN (Region & Body of Water) English, Ganda, Scots
From the Latin term Mediterrāneum meaning "in the middle of land", composed of Latin medius "middle", terra "land, earth" and āneus "having the nature of". The Mediterranean Sea is located between Europe, Africa and a small part of Asia... [more]
SÁPMI (Region) Sami, Swedish, English, German, Breton, Faroese, Manx, Scots, Vietnamese
Perhaps ultimately derived from Proto-Balto-Slavic *źemē meaning "earth". Suomi, the Finnish name for Finland, is believed to be derived from the same root... [more]
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