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Type Country
Scripts Беларусь(Belarusian, Russian)

Meaning & History

Means "white Russia", from the Slavic root белъ (belu) meaning "white" and RUS. This is the name of a country in eastern Europe. Many languages use a translation of "white Russia" to refer to the country, for example German Weißrussland and Swedish Vitryssland.
VariantsBelarus'(Belarusian) Belorussiya(Russian) Bielorrússia(Portuguese)
Other Languages & CulturesBjelorusija(Croatian) Bélarus(French) Bielorussia(Italian) Białoruś(Polish) Belorusija(Serbian) Belarús(Spanish) Bilorus(Ukrainian)
Same SpellingBélarus, Belarús, Belarus'
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