Type Country
Usage English
Pronounced Pron. /ˈdɛn.mɑɹk/(American English) /ˈdɛn.mɑːk/(British English)  [key·simplify]

Meaning & History

From Danish Danmark, derived from the ethnic name Dane, which is possibly from Germanic den meaning "low ground", combined with mark meaning "borderland". This is the name of a country in Northern Europe.

Related Names

Rootsdanir + mǫrk
Other Languages & CulturesDenemarke(Afrikaans) Danmark(Danish) Denemarken(Dutch) Danemark(French) Dänemark(German) Danmörk(Icelandic) Danimarca(Italian) Danmark(Norwegian) Danmǫrk(Old Norse) Dinamarca(Portuguese) Dinamarca(Spanish) Danmark(Swedish)
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Entry updated April 23, 2024