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Type Country
Usage English
Pronounced Pron. ee-thee-O-pee-ə

Meaning & History

From Latin Aethiopia, itself from Greek Αἰθιοπία (Aithiopia), said to derive from αἴθω (aitho) meaning "to burn" and ὄψ (ops) meaning "face", referring to the skin colour of the inhabitants (probably a folk etymology). This is the name of a country in eastern Africa.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesItyoppya(Amharic) Aithiopia(Ancient Greek) Aethiopia(Ancient Roman) Etiopija(Croatian) Etiopien(Danish) Ethiopië(Dutch) Etiopia(Finnish) Éthiopie(French) Etiopia(Georgian) Äthiopien(German) Aithiopia(Greek) Etiópia(Hungarian) Etiopia(Indonesian) Etiopia(Italian) Etiopia(Korean) Etiopija(Latvian) Etiopija(Lithuanian) Etiopija(Macedonian) Etiopia(Norwegian) Etiopia(Polish) Etiópia(Portuguese) Etiopija(Serbian) Etiopija(Slovene) Etiopía(Spanish) Etiopien(Swedish)
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