Type Country
Usage Slovene

Meaning & History

Slovene form of Mexico (referring only to the country, not the capital city).

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesMeksiko(Afrikaans) Mehxico(Aztec) Meksiko(Bengali) Meksiko(Bulgarian) Meksiko(Croatian) Mexiko(Czech) Mexico(Danish) Mexico(Dutch) Mexico(English) Mehhiko, México(Estonian) Meksiko, México(Finnish) Mexico, Mexique(French) Mexiko(German) Mexiko(Greek) Meksiko(Hindi) Meksiko(Indonesian) Messico(Italian) Meksiko(Macedonian) Meksiko(Nepali) Mexico(Norwegian) Meksyk(Polish) México(Portuguese) Meksiko(Serbian) Mexiko(Slovak) México(Spanish) Mexico, Mexiko(Swedish)
Entry added February 4, 2020