Type Country & Settlement
Pronounced Pron. /ˈme.xi.ko/(Spanish) /ˈmɛ.ʃi.ku/(Portuguese)  [key·simplify]

Meaning & History

Spanish (and Portuguese) form of Mexico. This native spelling is also used in several other languages to refer to the capital city, while the name of the country has other forms.

Related Names

VariantsMeksiko(Finnish) Mehhiko(Estonian) Mehika(Slovene)
Other Languages & CulturesMeksiko(Afrikaans) Mehxico(Aztec) Meksiko(Bengali) Meksiko(Bulgarian) Meksiko(Croatian) Mexiko(Czech) Mexico(Danish) Mexico(Dutch) Mexico(English) Mexico, Mexique(French) Mexiko(German) Mexiko(Greek) Meksiko(Hindi) Meksiko(Indonesian) Messico(Italian) Meksiko(Macedonian) Meksiko(Nepali) Mexico(Norwegian) Meksyk(Polish) Meksiko(Serbian) Mexiko(Slovak) Mexico, Mexiko(Swedish)
Entry updated February 4, 2020