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Type Other
Pronounced Pron. mez-fin(American)  [key]

Meaning & History

Mezfin (English: Mez-fin) means Emperor: is a male name of American National multiracial origination.
Not to be confused with Mesfin: is a male name of Ethiopian origin.

Although the names are similar — mezfin — is not — mesfin — in title and style. Mezfin (name) means “His/Her Imperial Highness (HIH)” authority and fatherly nature, associated with the meaning King of all Kings, and Mesfin means king or lower prestige.

Mezfin (name) also means Masophant meaning (Prince) heroism and love for the Emperor, and Mezfia meaning (Princes) the Empress has wisdom, — was the title for the prince and princes of the Mezfin (name) of American origin with the title His/her Highness (HH).
The title and style of Mezfin (name) was reserved for the members of the ruling multiracial free people of color, American Native red-Black Indian (Cherokee) and post-colonial nationalities West Indian, African-American and Portuguese Brazil eastern ancestry cultural family roots. Mezfin (name) may have derive from Ethiopia but its title or style originated in America with all things made new and provide important social and spiritual insights.
During the Back-to-Africa movement in the year of 1970 the name Mezfin was for told and given in America by two parents of mixed-race, person of colored, and by a member of an imperial family whom reign until 1974 Haile Selassie (2019, July 23). The name Mezfin denotes imperial as opposed to royal status to show that the holder in question is honored in name by a descendent of the imperial family Ethiopia —from an Emperor rather than a King, “changing definition of African-American experience (1999)” Mezfin (name) was given.
Mezfin (name) is unique and honored to be different in the land of America and set apart from Ethiopia, because the name is given by birth to an American National citizen (colored) from a descendant member of an imperial family Menelik I and Haile Selassie. Mezfin is an American name with Native Black Indian Cherokee, African, West Indian and Portuguese Brazil eastern roots and royal status for all non-Ethiopians. Haile Selassie is remembered for issuing a proclamation outlawing Ethiopian slavery in Horn of Africa on 26 August 1942.
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