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Type Other, Political Subdivision, Region & Settlement
Pronounced Pron. Pá-æz(Latin American Spanish) Pæ-zê-ãn(Paezean)  [key]
Other Forms FormsYuwe Nasa, Paez, Paes, Pàez

Meaning & History

The name of places in Venezuala and Colombia.

In Colombia Páez is a language isolate spoken by the Páez people, the second largest Colombian indigenous community in the north of the Cauca Department, in southwestern Colombia. However, the people had to move to other departments of Colombia like Huila, Tolima and Valle del Cauca.

In Venezuela is better known for José Antonio Páez.
José Antonio Páez Herrera (13 June 1790 – 6 May 1873), commonly known as José Antonio Páez, was a Venezuelan leader who fought the Spanish Crown under Simón Bolívar during the Venezuelan Wars of Independence. He later led Venezuela's breakaway from Gran Colombia.

He dominated the country's politics for most of the next two decades as its president once it was independent of the Gran Colombia (1830–1835; 1839–1843; 1861–1863). He is considered a prime example of a 19th-century South American caudillo. He lived in Buenos Aires and New York City during his years in exile and died there in 1873.
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