Spanish (Latin American) Submitted Place Names

These names are a subset of Spanish names used more often in Latin America. See also about Spanish names.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
AREQUIPA (Political Subdivision) Spanish (Latin American)
Legend says it comes from Ari-quepay "let's stay here" in Quechua.
FRESNO (Settlement) Spanish (Mexican)
Spanish for "ash tree".
LIMA (Settlement) Spanish (Latin American)
Lima is a corruption of the name RIMAC.
PÁEZ (Other, Political Subdivision, Region & Settlement) Spanish (Latin American), Paezean
Páez (also Paez, Paes; the autonym Nasa Yuwe 'Nasa language' is becoming increasingly used) is a language isolate of Colombia spoken by the Páez people. Ethnologue estimates 71,400 to 83,300citation needed speakers, including 40,000 monolingual, out of an ethnic population of 140,000.... [more]
RIMAC (River) Spanish (Latin American)
Rimac River, Rimac derives from quechua "Rimay" which means "to speak", Rimac River is called "the speaking river", "the river that babbles/chatters/speaks a lot", in some sense "the roaring river" or "the noisy river".
VICTORICA (Settlement) Spanish (Latin American)
Town in La Pampa Province in Argentina.
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