Spanish (Latin American) Submitted Place Names

These names are a subset of Spanish names used more often in Latin America. See also about Spanish names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Amalfi (Settlement) Italian, Spanish (Latin American)
The name of a coastal in the Italian province of Salerno and a town and municipality in the Antioquia Department of Colombia which is named in honour of the Italian town.... [more]
Amazonas (Political Subdivision & River) Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish (Latin American), Spanish
Reportedly named this way after the warriors, led by women, that attacked Francisco de Orellana's expedition, reminding him of the Amazons of Greek mythology. The word Amazon may come from Iranian *ha-maz-an- ("(one) fighting together") or *ha-mazan- ("warriors").... [more]
Arequipa (Political Subdivision) Spanish (Latin American)
Legend says it comes from Ari-quepay "(let's) stay here" in Quechua.
Cagua (Settlement) Indigenous American, Spanish (Latin American)
From the Cumanagoto word Cahigua, meaning “Snail”.
Fresno (Settlement) Spanish (Mexican)
Spanish for "ash tree".
Lima (Settlement) Spanish (Latin American)
Lima is a corruption of the name Rimac.
Mosquito (Region & Settlement) Indigenous American, Central American, Spanish (Latin American)
The Hispanicised name of the Miskito coast.
Ocotlán (Settlement) Spanish (Mexican)
From Nahuatl ocotl meaning "pine tree."... [more]
Páez (Other, Political Subdivision, Region & Settlement) Spanish (Latin American), Paezean
The name of places in Venezuala and Colombia.... [more]
Rimac (River) Spanish (Latin American)
Rimac River, Rimac derives from quechua "Rimay" which means "to speak", Rimac River is called "the speaking river", "the river that babbles/chatters/speaks a lot", in some sense "the roaring river" or "the noisy river".
San Salvador (Settlement) Spanish (Latin American)
Means “holy savior” in Spanish.
Santo Domingo (Settlement) Spanish (Caribbean)
This is the capital of the Dominican Republic.
Tibás (Political Subdivision) Spanish (Latin American)
Canton of Costa Rica.... [more]
Victorica (Settlement) Spanish (Latin American)
Town in La Pampa Province in Argentina.
Zapopan (Settlement) Spanish (Mexican)
From Nahuatl Tzapopan, from a combination of tzapotl, referring to a sapote tree, and the locative suffix -pan.... [more]