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Type Island
Usage Japanese
Scripts 礼文(Japanese Kanji) れぶん(Japanese Hiragana) レブン(Japanese Katakana)
Pronounced Pron. ṘE-BUUN  [key]

Meaning & History

This is the name of an island which is off the north-western tip of Hokkaidō in the far north of Japan.

The kanji used for Rebun are 礼 (rai, rei, re) meaning "bow, ceremony, remuneration, salute, thanks" and 文 (bun, mon, aya, fumi) meaning "art, decoration, figures, literature, plan, sentence, style."

The name 'Rebun' is derived from 'Repun,' which is the name of the island in the Ainu language. Repun means "island in the open sea."
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