Japanese Submitted Place Names

Japanese names are used in Japan and in Japanese communities throughout the world. Note that depending on the Japanese characters used these names can have many other meanings besides those listed here. See also about Japanese names.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ABUHAJIA アブハジア (Country) Japanese
Japanese form of ABKHAZIA.
AFUGANISUTAN アフガニスタン (Country) Japanese
Japanese form of AFGHANISTAN.
AIKAWA 愛川, 合川, 相川, あいかわ (Settlement) Japanese
This is the name of several towns in Japan. The first one (愛川) is located in Kanagawa Prefecture in eastern Japan, the second one (合川), located in Akita Prefecture in northern Japan, was merged with other towns to form the city of Kitaakita... [more]
AKIHABARA 秋葉原 (Other) Japanese
From Japanese 秋 (aki) meaning "autumn", 葉 (ha) meaning "leaf" and 原 (hara) meaning "meadow, field, plain".
AOBA 青葉 (Political Subdivision) Japanese
From Japanese 青 (ao) meaning "blue, green" and 葉 (ha) meaning "leaf".
ARUMENIA アルメニア (Country) Japanese
Japanese form of ARMENIA.
BANGURADESHU (Country) Japanese
Japanese spelling of Bangladesh.
BETONAMU ベトナム (Country) Japanese
Japanese form of VIETNAM.
BURUNEI ブルネイ (Country) Japanese
Japanese form of BRUNEI.
CHECHEN チェチェン (Political Subdivision) Persian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese
Persian, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese form of CHECHNYA.
FIRIPIN フィリピン (Country) Japanese
Japanese form of PHILIPPINES.
FUJI 富士, フジ (Mountain) Japanese
This is the name of a mountain, known in Japanese as Fuji-san/Fujiyama (富士山), located on the boundaries of Shizuoka and Yamanashi prefectures in central Japan, that has been a symbol for the Japanese for centuries... [more]
GIFU 岐阜, ギフ (Other) Japanese
This is the name of a city and prefecture of the same name, located in central Japan.... [more]
HAKONE 箱根, ハコネ (Settlement) Japanese
This is the name of a resort town in Japan's Kanagawa prefecture which, apart from its hot spring resorts, houses the Hakone Shrine (箱根神社, はこねじんじゃ) which dedicates to the Hakone Gongen (箱根権現, はこねごんげん).... [more]
HIMUKA 日向, ヒムカ (Political Subdivision) Japanese (Archaic)
Earlier form of HYŪGA, made up of 日 (hi) meaning "sun" and 向か (muka), the irrealis form of verb 向く (muku) meaning "to turn toward; to face (a direction); to point to."
HYŪGA 日向, ヒュウガ (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Japanese
Shifted from earlier HIMUKA, belonging to an old province which corresponds to modern Miyazaki Prefecture and a modern city in that prefecture, formed on April 1, 1951.
IMARI 伊万里, イマリ (Settlement) Japanese
This is the name of a city, known for Imari porcelain (even though it's actually made in nearby Arita) and for Imari pears, which is located in Saga Prefecture on the island of Kyūshū in south-western Japan.... [more]
INDONESHIA インドネシア (Country) Japanese
Japanese form of INDONESIA.
IRAKU イラク (Country) Japanese
Japanese form of IRAQ.
IZUMO 出雲, イズモ (Other) Japanese
This is the name of a city in Japan's Shimane Prefecture. Izumo-taisha (出雲大社) (or Izumo Grand Shrine) is located in the city.... [more]
JAKARUTA ジャカルタ (Settlement) Japanese
Japanese form of JAKARTA.
KAGOSHIMA 鹿児島, カゴシマ (Other) Japanese
This is the name of a city, prefecture and shrine located in the south of Kyūshū in the south-west of Japan. The kanji used are 鹿 (roku, ka, shika) meaning "deer", 児 (gei, ji, ni, ko) meaning "child, newborn babe, young of animals" and 島 (tou, shima) meaning "island."
KAIYŌ 海陽, カイヨウ (Settlement) Japanese
This is the name of a town in Japan's Tokushima Prefecture.... [more]
KANBOJIA カンボジア (Country) Japanese
Japanese form of CAMBODIA.
KANKOKU 韓国 (Country) Japanese
Japanese form of HANGUK, used to refer to South Korea.
KARASU 香良洲, カラス (Settlement) Japanese
This is the name of a former town located in Japan's Mie Prefecture which merged and expanded, along with a few other towns and municipalities, into the city of Tsu.... [more]
KASHIWA 柏, カシワ (Settlement) Japanese
This is the name of a city in Chiba Prefecture in eastern Japan. It is simply derived from 柏 (haku, hyaku, byaku, kashiwa) meaning "oak" (or more specifically, daimyo oak/sweet oak).... [more]
KAZAFUSUTAN カザフスタン (Country) Japanese
Japanese form of KAZAKHSTAN.
KIRISHIMA 霧島, キリシマ (Settlement) Japanese
This is the name of a city which is located near the Sakurajima volcano in Kagoshima prefecture in south-western mainland Japan.... [more]
KIRUGISU キルギス (Country) Japanese
From Russian Киргиз (Kirgiz), used to refer to KYRGYZSTAN.
KOGANE 黄金, 小金, コガネ (Other) Japanese
This is the name of several towns, stations and mountains found in Japan.... [more]
KUARA RUNPŪRU クアラルンプール (Settlement) Japanese
Alternate transcription of KUARA RUNPURU.
KUARA RUNPURU クアラルンプール (Settlement) Japanese
Japanese form of KUALA LUMPUR.
KYŌTO 京都, きょうと (Settlement) Japanese
Name of a city and former Imperial capital in Western Japan, borrowed from Middle Chinese 京都 (kˠiæŋ tuo), referring to a capital city of a country.
KYOTO 京都, キョウト (Settlement) Japanese
Variant transcription of KYŌTO.
KYŪSHŪ 九州, キュウシュウ (Region) Japanese
This is the name of a region and island in south-west Japan.... [more]
MANIRA マニラ (Settlement) Japanese
Japanese form of MANILA.
MARĒSHIA マレーシア (Country) Japanese
Alternate transcription of MARESHIA.
MARESHIA マレーシア (Country) Japanese
Japanese form of MALAYSIA.
MINDANAO ミンダナオ (Island) Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilocano, Pampangan, English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian
From Spanish Maguindanao, a corruption of Magindanaw, the endonym of the Maguindanao people. The ethnic name means "people of the flood plains" or "people of the lake" from the word danao meaning "lake"... [more]
MITSUE 御杖, ミツエ (Settlement) Japanese
This is the name of a village located in the eastern-most part of Nara prefecture in western Japan.... [more]
NARA 奈良, ナラ (Settlement) Japanese
This is the name of a city which is the capital of Nara Prefecture in western Japan. The kanji used are 奈 (dai, na, nai, ikan, karanashi) meaning "Nara, what?" and 良 (ryou, i.i, yo.i, ra) meaning "good, pleasing, skilled."... [more]
PAKISUTAN パキスタン (Country) Japanese
Japanese form of PAKISTAN.
REBUN 礼文, レブン (Island) Japanese
This is the name of an island which is off the north-western tip of Hokkaidō in the far north of Japan.... [more]
ROSHIA ロシア (Country) Japanese
Japanese form of RUSSIA.
RUSON ルソン (Island) Japanese
Japanese form of LUZON.
SAEKI 佐伯, サエキ (Settlement) Japanese
This is the name of a former town in Okayama Prefecture in western Japan and a ward of Hiroshima City, also in western Japan.... [more]
SAPPORO (Political Subdivision) Japanese
One of Japan's biggest cities. Back in early Japanese history, it was known Ishikari Plain.
SHIME 志免, シメ (Settlement) Japanese
This is the name of a town in Japan's Fukuoka prefecture.... [more]
SHINGAPŌRU シンガポール (Country, Settlement & Island) Japanese
Alternate transcription of SHINGAPORU.
SHINGAPORU シンガポール (Country, Settlement & Island) Japanese
Japanese form of SINGAPORE.
SHIRETOKO 知床, シレトコ (Other) Japanese
This is the name of a peninsula (declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005) in north-eastern Hokkaidō in northern Japan. The kanji that make up Shiretoko are 知 (chi, shi.raseru, shi.ru, shire) meaning "know, wisdom" and 床 (shou, toko, yuka) meaning "bed, floor, padding, tatami."... [more]
SUMATORA スマトラ (Island) Japanese
Japanese form of SUMATRA.
SUŌ 周防, 周芳, スオウ (Political Subdivision) Japanese
Shifted from earlier Suhau (Sufau) or Suha (Sufa) (first written as 周芳), belonging to an old province which corresponds to the eastern part of modern Yamaguchi Prefecture.... [more]
SURABAYA スラバヤ (Settlement) Javanese, Indonesian, Acehnese, Balinese, Minangkabau, Sundanese, English, Danish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
From Javanese ꦯꦸꦫꦧꦪ (shurabaya), derived from ꦯꦸꦫ (shura) meaning "white shark" and ꦧꦪ (baya) meaning "crocodile". The name comes from 12th-century Javanese monarch Jayabaya, who foresaw a fight between a white shark and crocodile (which might have been referring to a Mongol invasion of Java in the late 13th-century)... [more]
SURAWESHI スラウェシ (Island) Japanese
Japanese form of SULAWESI.
TAKAMORI 高森 (Settlement) Japanese
From Japanese 高 (taka) meaning "tall" and 森 (mori) meaning "forest".
TENRI 天理, てんり (Settlement) Japanese
This is the name of a city in Nara prefecture which used to be (briefly) the capital of Japan under the reign of Emperor Ninken (probably reigned from 488–498).... [more]
UTSUNOMIYA 宇都宮, うつのみや (Settlement) Japanese
This is the name of a city which is the capital and most populous city of Tochigi Prefecture, located in central Japan. The kanji used are 宇 (u) meaning "eaves, heaven, house, roof", 都 (tsu, to, miyako) meaning "capital, metropolis" and 宮 (kyuu, ku, kuu, guu, miya) meaning "constellations, palace, princess, Shinto shrine."... [more]
YOICHI 余市, よいち (Settlement) Japanese
This is the name of a district and town in Shiribeshi Subprefecture in south-western Hokkaidō, located in northern Japan.... [more]
YOKOSUKA 横須賀, よこすか (Settlement) Japanese
This is from a place in Japan's Kanagawa Prefecture in the east of the country. The kanji that make up Yokosuka are 横 (ou, yoko) meaning "horizontal, side, sideways, width, woof", 須 (shu, su, subekara.ku, subeshi, hige, matsu, machi.iru, mato.meru) meaning "by all means, necessarily, ought" and 賀 (ga, ka) meaning "congratulations, joy."... [more]
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