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Type Settlement
Scripts أبيدجان(Arabic) आबिदजान(Hindi) آبیدجان(Urdu) Абиджан(Uzbek)
Pronounced Pron. A-BEE-JAHN(French) ab-i-JAHN(English) ab-ə-JAHN(English) AB-ə-jahn(English) a-beed-JAN(Arabic) a-bee-JAN(Croatian, German) AW-beeg-gyawn(Hungarian)  [key·IPA]

Meaning & History

The largest city and economic capital of the Ivory Coast, meaning uncertain. It is traditionally believed to be derived from the Ebiré phrase min-chan m'bidjan meaning "I just cut the leaves", supposedly exclaimed by an old villager to a European explorer when asked the village's name. An alternate version of the story offers a slightly different phrase: m'bi min djan meaning "I've just been cutting the leaves".
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