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Type Country
Scripts Ανδόρρα(Greek) Андорра(Russian, Ukrainian)
Pronounced Pron. /ən.ˈdo.rə/(Catalan) /an.ˈdo.ra/(Catalan) [ˈ](Czech) /ˌɑn.ˈdɔ.raː/(Dutch) /æn.ˈdɔː.ɹə/(English) /æn.ˈdɔɹ.ə/(English) /ɑnd̥.ˈorː.ɑ/(Estonian) [ˈɑ̞rː.ɑ](Finnish) /ɑn.ˈdo.rɑ/(Norwegian) /ɐ̃.ˈdo.ʁɐ/(Portuguese) [an.ˈdo.ra](Romanian) [ɐn.ˈdo.rə](Russian) [ãn̪.ˈd̪o.ra](Spanish)  [key·simplify]

Meaning & History

The name of the country of Andorra, whose name is possibly derived from a Basque word andurrial (“shrub-covered land”), but it may come from Arabic الدرا (“the forest”) or Spanish andar (“to walk”).
Added 12/30/2012 by kala_way
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