Popular Culture Submitted Place Names

These names occur primarily in popular culture and entertainment. They are not commonly given to real people.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Arendelle (Region & Settlement) Popular Culture
Likely based on Arendal, the name of a town and municipality in Southern Norway. Arendalle is a fictional kingdom in Disney's animated movie 'Frozen' (2013).
Bikini Bottom (Other) Popular Culture
Name of fictional town in the famous cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants.
Bombo (Mountain & Other) Kongo, Literature, Popular Culture
The name of a hill in the border between southernmost mainland Congo Brazzaville and westernmost DRC; the meaningful name of a little known Tarzan inspired character.
Coronation Street (Settlement) English, Popular Culture
The titular cobbled street in the current longest running tv soap in world history. It is also called Corrie. It gets its name from Queen Elizabeth’s coronation.
Coruscant (Other) Popular Culture
Coruscant is a fictional planet in the 'Star Wars' universe. The planet is an ecumenopolis -- the surface is almost entirely covered by one city. The name is derived from Latin coruscant "vibrating, glittering, sparkling"... [more]
Enchancia (Country) Popular Culture
A fictional kingdom from the Disney TV series "Sofia the First".
Endor (Settlement & Other) Biblical, Popular Culture
From the Hebrew Bible, a Canaanite village where the Witch of Endor lived. Also a place in Star Wars.
Gotham City (Settlement) Popular Culture
Gotham City is a fictional city and the home of superhero Batman (see Gotham).
Guaracha (Country) Popular Culture
Guaracha is a tiny fictional country which is occasionally mentioned and referenced in Spirou.
Iscandar (Other) Japanese, Arabic (Maghrebi), Italian, Popular Culture
Iscandar is both the name of a recurring outer space planet and the clan name of its own royals in the famed Space Battleship Yamato franchise. It is likely derived from the Arabic Iskandar, which is ultimately based on the Greek Alexander.
Kakin (Country, Region & Mountain) Popular Culture, Japanese
An empire in Hunter X Hunter, named after the Kachin state of Myanmar, but inspired by northern parts of the country as a whole.
Kanga (Settlement & Other) Kongo, Popular Culture, Literature
Even though it is also the name of a hill range in westernmost Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kanga is best known internationally as the name of a certain Kangaroo from Winnie the Pooh books and the basis for the name Kaänga.
Mompracem (Political Subdivision, Region, Settlement & Island) Literature, Popular Culture
Mompracem is the historical name of Kuraman, which is currently known primarily as the alter ego name of Keraman in the Sandokan series.
Mos Eisley (Settlement) Popular Culture
Mos Eisley is a fictional town and large spaceport located on the planet Tatooine in the 'Star Wars' universe. The name is unexplained.
Neverland (Island) Popular Culture
This is the name of a fictional place in the Peter Pan movies. It is named this because you never aged in Neverland.
Palombia (Country) Popular Culture
Palombia (or the Palombian Republic) is a fictional country where some of the adventures of Spirou and Fantasio and the marsupilami take place... [more]
Sanguinem (Settlement) Popular Culture
Means "blood" in Latin. This was used in the Japanese manga and anime series Seraph of the End for the vampire capital city of Sanguinem.
Shandora (Settlement & Other) Popular Culture
Shandora is an ancient city on the Spring island of Jaya in the One Piece franchise. In the language of the Shandorians, it means “The Skull’s Right Eye”.
Sodor (Other) Popular Culture
This is the name of a fictional island where all the engines live in the TV-series 'Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends'.
Wakanda (Country) Popular Culture
The name of a fictional country in the Marvel Universe, home to the superhero Black Panther.
Westeros (Other) Popular Culture, Literature
Westeros is a fictional continent in the Game of Thrones-universe created by George R. R. Martin. The other continents are Essos, Sothoryos, and Ulthos.