Hausa Submitted Place Names

Hausa names are used by the Hausa people of Nigeria and Niger.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Abuja (Settlement) Western African, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, English
From Abu-Ja, a nickname of 19th-century monarch Abubakar Jatau (sometimes referred to as "Abu"), who founded what is now the city of Abuja in 1828. By some accounts, he was described as having fair skin, which possibly earned him the nickname Ja meaning "red" in Hausa... [more]
Afirka (Region) Western African, Hausa
Hausa form of Africa.
Aljeriya (Country) Bengali, Hausa
Bengali and Hausa form of Algeria.
Amurka (Country & Region) Hausa
Hausa form of America.
Austriya (Country) Indigenous American, Aymara, Western African, Hausa
Aymara and Hausa form of Austria.
Austriya (Country) Aymara, Hausa, Kazakh
Aymara, Hausa and Kazakh form of Austria.
Filipin (Country) Western African, Hausa, Persian
Hausa and Persian form of Philippines.
Indonesiya (Country) Western African, Hausa
Hausa form of Indonesia.
Kamaru (Country) Hausa
Hausa form of Cameroon.
Komoros (Country) Bengali, Hindi, Maltese, Eastern African, Hausa
Bengali, Hindi, Maltese, and Hausa form of Comoros.
Laberiya (Country) Hausa
Hausa form of Liberia.
Lagos (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Western African, Hausa, Igbo, English
From Portuguese lagos meaning "lakes". This is the name of a city in Nigeria as well as a state of the same name.
Masar (Country) Hausa, Somali
Hausa and Somali form of Misr.
Misra (Country) Hausa
Hausa form of Misr.
Muritaniya (Country) Arabic, Hausa
Arabic and Hausa form of Mauritania.
Najeriya (Country) Western African, Hausa
Variant of Nijeriya.
Nijeriya (Country) Western African, Hausa
Hausa form of Nigeria.
Somaliya (Country) Amharic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Hausa, Hindi, Urdu
Form of Bulgaria used in various languages.