Type Country
Pronounced Pron. /laɪ.ˈbɪɹ.i.ə/(English) /li.ˈbeː.ʁi.a/(German) /li.ˈβe.ɾja/(Spanish) /li.ˈbɛ.rja/(Polish)  [key·simplify]

Meaning & History

Derived from Latin liber meaning "free". This was the name of a colony established in Western Africa by free African Americans in the 1820s. It declared its independence in 1847, and was one of only two independent countries in Africa in the early 20th century (along with Ethiopia).

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesLiberija(Bosnian) Liberija(Croatian) Libéria(French) Libéria(Hungarian) Libērija(Latvian) Liberija(Lithuanian) Liberija(Macedonian) Libéria(Portuguese) Liberija(Serbian) Libéria(Slovak) Liberija(Slovene)
Same SpellingLibéria
User SubmissionsLíbería, Libèria
Entry updated April 23, 2024