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Rio De Janeiro 1
Type Settlement

Meaning & History

Means "river of January" in Portuguese. Rio de Janeiro is a major city in Brazil. The city was named after the nearby Guanabara Bay which was discovered by Europeans in January 1502.
Added 9/7/2019 by Beautiful Victory
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Rio De Janeiro 2
not set
Type Political Subdivision & Settlement
Pronounced Pron. REE-oo jee zha-NEH-roo(Brazilian Portuguese) REE-oo jee zha-NAY-roo(Brazilian Portuguese) REEW jee zha-NEH-roo(Brazilian Portuguese) REEW jee zha-NAY-roo(Brazilian Portuguese) REE-oo di zhu-NIE-roo(European Portuguese)  [key·IPA]

Meaning & History

The name of a state and city in Brazil, meaning "river of January" in Portuguese. The city was named after the nearby Guanabara Bay, which was first discovered by Europeans on January 1, 1502.
Added 2/4/2024 by anonymous

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