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Type Settlement
Usage Croatian
Pronounced Pron. spleet  [key·IPA]

Meaning & History

Split is the second-largest city of Croatia and the largest city of the region of Dalmatia.

The city draws its name from the spiny broom (Calicotome spinosa; brnistra or žuka in modern Croatian), a common shrub in the area, after which the Greek colony of Aspálathos (Aσπάλαθος) or Spálathos (Σπάλαθος) was named. As the city became a Roman possession, the Latin name became Spalatum or Aspalatum, which in the Middle Ages evolved into Aspalathum, Spalathum, Spalatrum, and Spalatro in the Dalmatian language of the city's Romance population. The Croatian term became Split or Spljet.
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