Biblical Greek Origin Place Names

This is a list of place names in which the origin is Biblical Greek. Ancient Greek was the language spoken by the peoples of ancient Greece and other places in the Hellenic world.
Abilene (Region) Biblical, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek
Probably from Hebrew אָבֵל ('avel) meaning "meadow, grassy place". This is the name of a place briefly mentioned in the New Testament.
Arimathaea (Settlement) Biblical Latin
Latin form of Arimathea.
Arimathea (Settlement) Biblical
From Greek Ἁριμαθαία (Harimathaia), of unknown meaning. In the New Testament this is the home town of Joseph of Arimathea. The town has not been positively identified, though רָמָתַיִם (Ramatayim) or רָמָה (Ramah) near Jerusalem has been proposed.
Betânia (Settlement) Biblical Portuguese
Portuguese form of Bethany.
Betania (Settlement) Biblical Spanish, Biblical Italian
Spanish and Italian form of Bethany.
Bethania (Settlement) Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek
Form of Bethany used in the Greek and Latin New Testament.
Bethany (Settlement) Biblical
From Greek Βηθανία (Bethania), which is of uncertain meaning. The first part of the name is derived from Hebrew/Aramaic בַּיִת (bayit) meaning "house". Suggestions for the second part of the name include עָנָה ('anah) leading to "house of affliction" or תְּאֵנָה (te'enah) leading to "house of figs". In the New Testament the town of Bethany is the home of Lazarus and his sisters Mary and Martha.
Gethsemane (Region) Biblical
From Γεθσημανί (Gethsemani), the Greek form of an Aramaic place name meaning "oil press". In the New Testament this is the name of the garden where Jesus was arrested, located on the Mount of Olives near Jerusalem.
Gethsemani (Region) Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek
Form of Gethsemane used in the Greek and Latin Bibles.
Harimathaia (Settlement) Biblical Greek
Greek form of Arimathea.
Saint Pierre (Settlement & Island) French
Name commemorating Saint Peter. This is the name of several communes in France as well as a French island near Newfoundland.