Mythology Place Names

These names occur in mythology and religion.
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ÅSGARD (Region) Norse Mythology
Norwegian form of ASGARD.
ASGÅRD (Region) Norse Mythology
Swedish and Danish form of ASGARD.
ASGARD (Region) Norse Mythology (Anglicized)
English form of Old Norse Ásgarðr meaning "enclosure of the Æsir", composed of Old Norse áss meaning "god, Æsir" and garðr meaning "enclosure, stronghold". This is the name of the home of the Æsir gods in Norse Mythology.
ÁSGARÐR (Region) Norse Mythology
Old Norse form of ASGARD.
ÁSGARÐUR (Region) Norse Mythology
Icelandic form of ASGARD.
NYSA (Region) Greek Mythology
Possibly from an archaic Greek word meaning "tree". In Greek mythology Nysa was the mountainous region where young Dionysos was raised.
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