German (Austrian) Submitted Place Names

These names are a subset of German names used more often in Austria. See also about German names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Austerlitz (Settlement) German (Austrian)
The historic German name for the Czech town of Slavkov u Brna, derived from Latin Nova sedes meaning "new settlement". Over time the name evolved, with the spelling "Austerlitz" first documented in 1611... [more]
Innschbruck (Settlement) German (Austrian)
Austro-Bavarian form of Innsbruck.
Isar (River) German (Austrian)
A river in Austria. Likely from the Indo-European '*es' or '*is', meaning "flowing water".
Schwobm (Country & Political Subdivision) German (Austrian)
Bavarian form of Swabia.
Tyrol (Political Subdivision) German (Austrian), Italian
A state in Austria and northern Italy. Meaning "terrain".
Wirunga (Political Subdivision, Region & Mountain) Polish, German, German (Austrian), German (Swiss)
Wirunga is a German and Polish variant of Virunga.