Manchu Submitted Place Names

Manchu names are used by the Manchu people of northern China.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Aiuhan ᠠᡳ᠌ᡠ᠌ᡥᠠᠨ (Country) Manchu
Manchu form of Afghanistan.
Harbin ᡥᠠᡵᠪᡳᠨ (Settlement) Chinese, Manchu
From Harbin, meaning “drying fishnets”.
Harbin ᡥᠠᡵᠪᡳᠨ (Settlement) Manchu, English
From a dialectal name meaning "(place of) drying fishnets" in Manchu, so named because the area was once a small fishing village. This is the name of a city in China.
Mukden ᠮᡠᡴ᠋ᡩᡝᠨ (Political Subdivision, Settlement & Other) Manchu
Mukden ᠮᡠᡴᡩᡝᠨ (Settlement) Manchu
Derived from Manchu ᠮᡠᡴᡩᡝᠮᠪᡳ (mukdembi) meaning "rise, flourish". This is the Manchu name for the Chinese city of Shenyang.
Usuri ᡠᠰᡠᡵᡳ (Region, Body of Water & River) Manchu
The naming source of Ussuri.