Mon Submitted Place Names

Mon names are used by the Mon people of Myanmar and Thailand.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Dhawai ဓဝဲါ (Settlement) Mon
Mon form of Dawei.
Mon မန် (Political Subdivision) Mon, English, Thai
From the Mon ethnic name မန် (mon) derived from the older name ရမာန် (raman), ultimately from Pali Rāmañña referring to the Mon homeland along the Burmese coast... [more]
Motmalam မတ်မလီု (Settlement) Mon
Mon form of Mawlamyine.
Muttama မုဟ်တၟံ, မုတ္တမ (Political Subdivision, Settlement & Other) Mon, Burmese
Mottama is a town in south central Myanmar, whose name derives from the Mon language term Mumaw (Mon: မုဟ်တၟံ), which means "rocky spur."
Phasem ဖာသီ (Settlement) Mon
Mon form of Pathein.
Poik ဗိက် (Settlement) Mon
Mon form of Myeik.
Sadhuim (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Mon
Sadhuim is the vernacular Mon name of Sudharmapura, currently known by its Burmese name of Thaton, which is a town in Myanmar.
Sudharmapura သုဓမ္မပူရ (Settlement) Far Eastern Mythology, Mon, Burmese
Sudharmapura is the original formal Pali name of Sadhuim and Thaton. It is likely named for Sudharma, the meeting hall of the Buddhist deities.
Tanao Si ဏၚ်ကသဳ, တနၚ်သြဳ (Political Subdivision & Other) Thai, Mon
Thai and Mon form of Tanintharyi, which is both a province and a town in southern Myanmar, from the Malay name Tanah Sari, which is itself derived from tanah meaning “land” and sari meaning “essence”.