Usage: Ancient Near Eastern

Name:Ancient Near Eastern
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Scope:General Population
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Includes:Akkadian; Ancient Aramaic; Ancient Assyrian; Ancient Hebrew; Ancient Near Eastern; Ancient Semitic; Babylonian; Hittite; Hurrian; Luwian; Phoenician; Sumerian;
Included With:Ancient; Ancient Near Eastern;
Writing Systems:Akkadian Cuneiform; Ancient Hebrew; Phoenician; Sumerian Cuneiform;
Description:These names were used in the ancient Near East. That is, by the Sumerians, Akkadians, Babylonians, Canaanites, Phoenicians and others. Listed separately are Ancient Egyptian names and Ancient Persian names.

When Interpreted as an Origin

Name:Ancient Near Eastern
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Includes:Akkadian; Ancient Assyrian; Ancient Near Eastern; Aramaic; Babylonian; Biblical Hebrew; Classical Hebrew; Elamite Mythology; Hattian Mythology; Hittite; Hittite Mythology; Hurrian; Hurrian Mythology; Luwian; Luwian Mythology; Near Eastern Mythology; Phoenician; Semitic; Semitic Mythology; Sumerian; Sumerian Mythology; Ugaritic Mythology;
Included With:Ancient; Ancient Near Eastern;