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Madagascar 1
Type Country & Island
Usage English

Meaning & History

An island country in Africa.
Added 4/24/2020 by anonymous
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Madagascar 2
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Type Country & Island
Pronounced Pron. /madəɡaskə/(English, Manx) /mædəɡæskɑɹ/(English) /madə.ˈɡaskə/(English) /mədəɡəska/(Catalan) /matɬakaskaː/(Nahuatl) /madagaskaʁ/(French, Corsican) /madagaskar/(Italian) /madagaskɐʁ/(Brazilian Portuguese) /madaɡaskaɾ/(Spanish) /mað̞aɣ̞askaɾ/(Spanish)  [key·simplify]

Meaning & History

From Middle French Madagascar, from Madageiscar, as a corrupted transliteration of Mogadishu by Marco Polo's misreading of Arabic.

The actual misconstrued term was Arabic جَزِيرَة المَالَائِيّ‎ (jazīrat al-mālāʾiyy) meaning "the island of mālāī" listed alongside Arabic جَزِيرَة القَمَر‎ (#jazīrat al-qamar" meaning "island of the moon" which lent its named to Comoros. Madagascar, however likely being the original later based on the dimensions.
Added 7/30/2021 by KING JULIEN

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